Class numbers, descriptions & entry fees

ClassNumberClassNameEntry fee £if you wish to enter this class please put a 1 in this boxTotal entry fee
1The Dahlia Championship1.500
2Dahlia one vase 1 bloom large/giant dec, cactus, semi-cactus0.40
3Dahlia 1 vase 1 bloom medium cactus or semi cactus0.40
4Dahlia 1 vase 3 blooms med dec0.40
5Dahlia 1 vase 3 blooms small/min cactus or semi cactus0.40
61 vase 3 blooms small/min - decorative0.40
71 vase 3 blooms pompons or large pompons0.40
81 vase 3 blooms small or min ball0.40
91 vase 3 blooms any other not listed in classes 2 - 80.40
101 vase 3 blooms pompons [max 55mm]0.40
20Chrysanthemum 1 vase 3 blooms incurved any cultivar0.40
211 vase 1 bloom - any cultivar0.40
221 vase 3 sprays any cultivars0.40
40The Rose Championship [Cam Gears Rose Bowl] best exhibit1.50
41bowl of min roses, any number of stems, 1 or more cultivars0.40
421 vase 1 stem HT rose0.40
431 vase 1 stem cluster rose0.40
60The Jim Lord Gladiolus Championship1.50
611 vase 1 spike 100/200 size any cultivar0.40
621 vase 1 spike 300/400 size any cultivar0.40
631 vase 1 spike 500 size any cultivar0.40
80The Pot Plant Championship1.50
812 specimen flowering plants 2 distinct kinds0.40
822 specimen foliage plants 2 distinct kinds0.40
831 pot of Geranium /Pelargonium0.40
84specimen flowering plant (not orchids)0.40
851 flowering orchid0.40
86specimen foliage plant0.40
871 pot of flowering Cosmos0.40
881 pot of Coleus0.40
89One pot of Ornamental grass0.40
90Hanging basket 1 entry per exhibitor0.40
95Other type of plant e.g kokedama0.40
100The Fuchsia Championship [Three Counties Trophy]1.50
1011 plant - single flowered - any size pot0.40
1021 plant - double flowered - any size pot0.40
1031 plant - tryphilla - any size pot0.40
1041 plant Standard max pot 30 cm0.40
120The Begonia Championship [M.J. Willcocks Trophy]1.50
1211 pot of lge flowered tuberous begonias Pot not to exceed 20 cm/8in0.40
1221 single cut bloom of lge flowered begonias0.40
1233 cut blooms of lg flowered begonias0.40
1402 cacti diff species, separately potted0.40
1412 succulents, diff species, sep pots0.40
1423 succulents or 3 Cacti, diff species, sep pots0.40
143Planted container of cacti &/or succulent, at least 3 var0.40
1441 cactus or succulent - any size pot0.40
1451 cactus, pot not bigger than 12.5 cm0.40
160The Cut Flower Championship1.50
1611 vase, 5 stems, sweet peas0.40
1621 vase, 1 stem, annual [not asters]0.40
1631 vase of home grown garden flowers0.40
1641 vase 3 stems, Dianthus (perp Carnations/pinks)0.40
1651 vase 3 stems Asters single or double0.40
166One vase - 1 bloom - Sunflower0.40
1671 vase 3 blooms Zinnias0.40
1681 vase, 1 stem, Agapanthus0.40
1691 vase of home grown flowers suitable for drying0.40
175Top Grower 1 pot plant, 1 vase h/grown flowers, 1 veg exhibit1.00
176no class
180The Onion Championship1.50
181The Vegetable Collection - Charles Heal Trophy1.00
1835 potatoes, white, round or oval0.40
1845 pots, coloured, round or oval0.40
1855 runner beans with stalks0.40
1866 French beans with stalks0.40
1873 globe beetroot with 7.5 cm stalk0.40
1882 peppers with stalks0.40
1895 shallots, lge exhibition0.40
1903 onions, dressed - spring sown0.40
1913 onions dressed - from sets0.40
1922 leeks0.40
1933 courgettes no bigger than 15cm0.40
1943 stump rooted carrots0.40
1953 long carrots0.40
1962 cucumbers0.40
1975 chillies any variety0.40
198stem of cherry type tomatoes0.40
1995 toms, not cherry, with calyces0.40
2003 cooking apples with stalks0.40
2013 dessert with stalks0.40
2025 dessert plums with stalks0.40
2033 sticks of rhubarb,0.40
2043 dessert pears with staLKS0.40
205Dish of cultivated blackberries [10] w/ calyces & stalks0.40
206dish of fruit [exc those above]0.40
2071 vase 5 types of herbs0.40
220Allotments Sites Competition0.40
225CFS collection1.00
2304 hens eggs brown0.40
2314 hens eggs not brown0.40
2323 duck eggs0.40
233Heaviest Hen's Egg0.40
240Novice, 1 vase, 3 blooms, Dahlias0.40
241Novice 1 vase, 3 stems, Roses0.40
242Novice, 1 vase - 10 sprigs Lavender0.40
2431 foliage pot plant0.40
2441 flowering pot plant0.40
2451 jar of chutney0.40
2461 jar of marmalade0.40
2473 potatoes0.40
2482 courgettes0.40
2495 runner beans0.40
2503 onions0.40
2514 tomatoes0.40
2522 cucumbers0.40
2532 peppers0.40
260Novelty heaviest potato0.40
261Longest runner bean0.40
262unusually shaped fruit or veg0.40
263Giant veg0.40
264Novelty: heaviest carrot0.40
2703 jars of preserves0.40
2711 jar berry jam0.40
2721 jar any jam not berry0.40
273jar of jelly any variety0.40
274jar of marmalade0.40
275jar of curd0.40
276jar of chutney0.40
277A round of hortbread0.40
278A Birthday Picnic Hamper or similar0.40
2793 Fruit scones0.40
280Lemon Drizzle loaf0.40
2813 savoury scones0.40
282Apple Pie - 2 crust plate pie0.40
2834 homemade bread rolls0.40
284A vegan cake0.40
2856 pieces home made fudge0.40
2863 small decorated cakes0.40
287Tea loaf0.40
288Victoria sandwich
Victoria Sandwich
289Fruit Cake0.40
290Ginger Loaf cake0.40
2914 Savoury biscuits0.40
292gluten free cake0.40
294men only Victoria sandwich0.40
295men - 5 cheese scones0.40
296Men, bread pudding0.40
297Men, Fruit cake0.40
3101 bottle Red wine0.40
3111 bottle white wine0.40
3121 bottle h/brew beer /lager0.40
3141 bottle fruit/flower cordial0.40
320original pencil, pastel or charcoal drawing0.40
321original picture in oils / acrylic0.40
322original picture in watercolours0.40
323item using recycled materials0.40
324an article of embroidery0.40
325a crocheted article0.40
326an article of cross stitch0.40
327an article of hand knitting0.40
328article made with 1 fat quarter0.40
329A soft toy - any medium0.40
330Handmade card for 'New Baby'0.40
331an article made of tapestry0.40
332article of patchwork/quilting0.40
333article of felted wool0.40
334any other handmade not included in the above0.40
335a min garden scene in a std seed tray0.40
340floral table arrangement - The Qn's Platinum Jubilee0.40
341floral t/a - Tutti Fruitte - to contain fruit0.40
342floral t/a - Beside the Seaside0.40
343Beginners - arrangement in a wine glass0.40
350Senior Citizens 1 jar of preserves0.40
351Senior Citizens, 3 Welsh cakes0.40
352Senior Citizens, handicraft, soft material0.40
353Senior Citizens, handicraft - hard material0.40
354Senior Citizens, loaf cake0.40
355Senior Citizens, handwriting0.40
356Senior Citizens, vase of home grown flowers0.40
357Senior Citizens, 1 flowering pot plant0.40
358Senior Citizens, 1 foliage pot plant0.40
359Senior Citizens, hand knitting or crochet0.40
360Senior Citizens, buttonhole using a single flower0.40
370Special Needs - Picture any medium0.40
371Special Needs - a model using Lego or similar0.40
372Special Needs - a decorated flower pot0.40
373Special Needs - 1 pot plant0.40
374Special Needs: my home-grown fruit, veg or flower0.40
380black & white photo0.40
381colour or b&w photo - portrait adult/child0.40
382colour or b&w photo - I share my garden0.40
383col or b&w photo - Best Friends0.40
384colour photo - Tree or Trees0.40
385colour photo - Down Low0.40
386colour photo - Old & New0.40
387colour photo - all things bright&beautiful0.40
388colour or b&w digitally enhanced/special effects0.40
389colour photo - Humorous0.40
390Novice - col photo - A Portrait0.40
391Novice - colour photo a landscape0.40
392Novice colour photo - Up close0.40
4004 & under, a decorated paper plate0.20
4014 decorate rich tea biscuits0.20
4024 & under, 4 cornflake/crispy cakes0.20
4034 & under, draw & colour a picture of a Tree A4 size0.20
4044 & under, picture made from stickers0.20
4054 & under, cress grown in a yog pot0.20
4064 & under, A Pasta necklace0.20
420age 5 - 7 - picture of an Alien A4 size0.20
4215 - 7, puppet made from a sock0.20
4225-7, 3 dec fairy cakes on a plate0.20
4235-7, miniature garden scene in a seed tray0.20
4245-7, Show us what you can make0.20
4255-7, Design an invitation for a birthday party0.20
4265-7, creature made from food0.20
4275-7, my home grown fruit, flower or veg0.20
4285-7, A pot plant I look after0.20
4295-7, colour photo0.20
4408 - 11, picture of 'Under the Sea' A4 size0.20
4418 - 11, poem or song you've written yourself0.20
4428 - 11, miniature garden scene0.20
4438-11, 3 homemade & decorated Fairy cakes0.20
4448-11, creature made from food0.20
4458-11, my home grown fruit, veg / flower0.20
4468-11, homemade handicraft0.20
4478 - 11, a woolly pompom you've made yourself0.20
4488-11, A colour photo - any subject0.20
45012_16 A Veg or fruit Ive grown myself0.20
451A miniature garden scene0.20
452A drawing or painting0.20
4533 cheese or savoury scones0.20
454A Victoria sponge0.20
4553 pieces of flapjack0.20
456Any item of handicraft0.20
457A small homemade Bug/Bee hotel or birds Nesting box0.20
458A colour/B&W photo - Tree or Trees0.20
459A colour photo - red0.20
460A col/B&W photo - Up Close0.20
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